Acupuncture In The Pre And Post-Operative Period Of Plastic Surgery

This work to conclude the postgraduate course in acupuncture is characterized as the treatment of a patient using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the pre and post-operative periods of abdominoplasty and augmentation plastic surgery, with the aim of preparing the organism for the surgical procedure and to mitigate its side effects, besides restoring the balance of the organism after the procedure.

As simple as a surgical procedure is, it attacks the body. Edemas, hematomas of different levels, discomfort and pain, are some of the most frequent complaints during the post-operative period. Recovery is long, and fibrosis, persistent pain, sleep disorders, digestion and weak general energy disposition may occur. Acupuncture as one of the resources developed by TCM seeks to restore the natural strength of the organism, which has been shaken by surgery, which is seen as trauma by TCM.

Acupuncture treatment minimizes post-operative discomfort making it more tolerable, faster and of better quality, in addition to reducing unpleasant reactions without the use of allopathy such as analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, among others. The technique also provides much superior healing quality. Although there are no statistics to prove the additional benefit, the technique is already expected to be used in the recovery of patients undergoing general surgery.

The discovery of acupuncture as an ally of the surgical procedure has achieved positive results. Advancing in the most modern areas of traditional medicine, the alternative has become common among those who believe that emotional balance is as or more important than physical health.

In the specific case of post-operative plastic surgery, it is necessary that the ancient knowledge of the Orientals is in line with the cutting edge technology of the Westerners. Precisely because it has gained such relevance in traditional media, acupuncture has come to be practised by professionals who attribute needles as healing power as that of allopathy.