Driveway Cleaning – Tips For Cleaning Anti Freeze

Maintaining your driveway in a good condition and keeping it stain free may look very difficult. Oil spills, antifreeze, weeds, rust stains are just a few examples of stains that can damage your driveway. Driveway cleaning on a periodic basis therefore becomes very crucial and important.

You might have had to deal with antifreeze spills from your car. The best way to remove antifreeze and clear up the stains that are left behind is by cleaning the driveway the minute you spot an antifreeze spill. There are various household cleaners that can be used for driveway cleaning.

If your driveway is made up of asphalt, then cleaning any type of stain can be a little tricky. Asphalt gets damaged very easily and requires extreme precaution and care. Using strong chemicals or even household detergents for driveway cleaning can easily weaken asphalt. It is therefore advisable for you to use mild household detergent to clean the surface.

Firstly, mix half a cup of mild detergent in a bucket of hot water. Two-thirds of water would be sufficient. To this mixture, add at least two cups of white vinegar. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hand from antifreeze.

Apply a thick coating of the above mixture on the affected area. Allow the mixture to stay on for 10 minutes. The vinegar acts like a bleaching agent and removes away the stains while the detergent will help to loosen out the antifreeze from the surface making it easier for you to remove. Now scrub the stain with a hard brush and rinse it off with sufficient amounts of water. Failing to wash the vinegar off completely might make the area lighter in color when compared to the rest of the driveway.

It is advisable to use cat litter when pressure cleaning your driveway as it is made up of other materials like concrete, gravel, etc. Sprinkle liberal amounts of litter on the area where antifreeze spill has occurred. Allow it to soak up the antifreeze thoroughly. For small quantities it may hardly take 30 minutes but if the area that has to be covered is large, it is better to leave cat litter overnight. The following morning, sweep it off with a broom or hard brush and dispose off the litter in plastic bags. Then sprinkle detergent on the surface and scrub it off with a hard brush. Rinse the entire driveway with sufficient amounts of water. Repeat the process if you still find antifreeze stains.

If the stains prove very tough to remove, then your last resort should be muriatic acid which is known to remove just about any type of stain off the driveway. Pressure cleaning your driveway will yield better results when compared to cleaning with a garden hose. The efficiency of removing any type of stain; the minimum amount of time that is required when compared to other types of cleaning methods and the minimum amount of chemicals required make pressure washing a superior type of cleaning technique when compared to other cleaning methods

Driveway pressure cleaning has to be done as soon as you see the stains on your driveway. This will make your cleaning job a lot easier.

Checking To See If You Have Wireless Capability

Do you know if your new computer already has wireless capability? Many new computers have the built-in software and connections in order for you to set up a wireless network. These wireless networking devices are so inexpensive that the manufacturers of the computers include them as part of the package and can be found on the system specification list.

Like most people, however, you may not even know how much memory your computer has, let alone whether it arrived already wireless-enabled. This is especially true if you don’t know what wireless networking is. It’s easy to ignore this detail in the specifications that come with the computer and to fail to take the time to set it up and get it working. Lets look at some things to look for if you want to check your computer’s wireless capabilities.

Intel Centrino

If you own a laptop that comes with something called ‘Intel Centrino mobile technology’, this is what youre looking for! Unfortunately, manufacturers of computers are not good at explaining what this technology is or does. Quite simply, it means that your laptop has wireless networking built right in; you dont need to do a thing! Intel Centrino is a term used in marketing that stands for a combination of the Intel Pentium M processor and Intel’s Pro/Wireless card.

Your computer should have an ‘Intel Centrino’ sticker on it somewhere if it is enabled with Intel Centrino. If you dont see this type of sticker, you can also check the name of your processor by right-clicking the My Computer icon in the Start Menu (or on your desktop) and clicking on Properties from the menu. Look at the wording following the word Computer in this section. It should tell you if it has the wireless feature.

Intel Centrino technology has the capability of increasing the life of your computers battery and allows computers to be smaller in size. If you didn’t buy an Intel Centrino laptop but your laptop has a free card slot, adding wireless capabilities will be no problem.

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers come with wireless capabilities, too. If you’re not sure whether or not your desktop computer has a wireless connection, turn it around and look at the back of the computer. If a wireless connection is present, you can generally see a small aerial antenna sticking out of the back of the computer near the bottom of the computer.

If you dont see anything there, it’s still possible that you have a wireless device in the computer, especially if the computer is relatively new. Unless youre a computer expert, dont open the back of your computer to determine if it has wireless capabilities. Instead, you should probably try and figure it out using Windows.

Checking in Windows

You can easily check your computers wireless capabilities by going into Windows’ Device Manager. You must first right-click My Computer and choose Manage from that menu. Now click on Device Manager.

In device manager, you will be able to see a list of the different devices you have or would be able to have on your computer. Look under ‘Network Adapters’. Anything that uses the words ’10/100′ or ‘Ethernet’ is a normal network connection and isnt related to wireless connectivity. Anything else may be a wireless device.

If you think you have a wireless device but note that it has a yellow warning sign next to its name in the Device Manager, click its name to find out what is wrong with the device. Windows should be able to let you know why the device is not working. The computer may also suggest that you go into its troubleshooter program. Try doing that before trying anything else.

The problem could be a driver problem. In that case, insert the drivers CD that came with your computer. If you cant find the drivers CD, you can always find the drivers online. In order to do this, you should look on the website of the computer’s manufacturer. From there, you can try searching for the particular name of the wireless device in Device Manager.

Unfortunately, it could turn out that you don’t have a wireless device after all. Thats too bad. On the bright side, it is much better to learn that now than it would be to buy wireless equipment and then realize you couldnt run it on your computer. In any event, even if you did find a wireless device in one of your computers, you may decide that you need even more wireless capability. Fortunately, wireless technology is getting cheaper all the time!

How To Properly Install A New Motherboard

The motherboard is the most expensive computer component so be sure to treat and handle it with great care.There are a few things you should do to ensure no motherboard damage occur as you prepare for the installation.

Be sure you have a clean,well lit,and level work place.Relax your mind and make this task both fun and educational.You will need such tools as a phillips screwdriver,maybe some needle nose pliers and the manual that came with the board.

Most importantly you must remove any and all electrical static discharge from your body and clothes.Static electricity is a big problem and will quickly damage chips on your new board.


Preparing to work on your system envolves work area,lighting, and much more.One great danger is the chance of electrical static charge.But this will be no problem when this static buildup is properly removes.

Remove this danger by grounding yourself.Touch the metal case of the system unit or better yet,touch a door nobt in your work area to remove all electrical static charge.

Set down and carefully read your user’s manual and familiarize yourself with your new motherboard and its layout.Taking this time will boost your motherboard installation performance ike you never thought.

Study your new motherboard and keep the box it came in.Remove it from its protective wrap very carefully and without damaging the wrap.This is done just in case you need to return the motherboard.

You may need to return the motherboard if you made any mistakes in the purchase.Does the holes of your new motherboard line up with the holes in the case?If there are any reason to return the board,you can simply put it back in the box to return.


First Turn on your computer and access your cmos setup. This is done as the computer counts its memory.Press the combination of keys to access your bios.once inside your bios,select “Standard CMOS Setup” and write down all information about your computer’s drives.

Make sure you get the density of your floppy drives and the type of hard drive you have. Once you have this, turn off and unplug the computer and remove the case.

Second Study your system unit layout and you may want to take notes as your remove components and connections so that it will be easier when it comes to re-installing these components or connections.

Go about unplugging the wires that are connected to your old motherboard.Remember to label any and all connections to make re-installing them easier later.Here’s where its very important to take awhile to study your old and new boards before disconnecting anything.

Third Carefully disconnect all drives and label the connectors if needed.Remove the drives and set them out of the way in a safe place.Place all small screws in a cup or something where them won’t get lost.

Carefully grasp the motherboard and give it a gentle tug upwards to be sure on connections,screws,or other devices are not interferring with the board’s removal.

Once you are certain there are no obstruction for the board to be removed,lift the board out of the system unit.Look to see if such components as the memory need to be installed onto the new motherboard.


Installing the new motherboard is the reverse order of removing the old motherboard.Be sure you remove all electrical static discharge from you body and clothes.Inspect the new board for damage and to be certain it is the right motherboard for your computer.

Carefully align the new motherboard with the system unit case and secure the board.Be careful not to secure the screws too much.Install the CPU chip if it is not installed on the board from the manufacturer.

Connect the large power connector from the power supply the the motherboard connector.Take care in not forcing the connector which may bend a pin.

Install RAM Memory into their sockets and check to be sure they are puched in completely.Re-connect all other devices such as controllers,expansion cards and finally the drives.

Check the sound,and videos cards for proper installation. Did you install your internal modem,or scanner adapter card? Connect the leads to the On-Off switch as well the hard drive indicator.

After all connections and components are installed,stop and go back to check again,and then,check some more.Replace the system unit cover once you know all is well.

Your system should now be ready to go.The motherboard may come with a cdrom containing device drivers and other software utilities that may be required to be installed.

Now try turning on the computer and if the POST completed without a hitch,you’re there.If you experience problems,go back and check all connections and devices.

Ita that easy to install or upgrade not only the motherboard,but nearly every other component in the system unit.Get busy understanding your computer now and save big on future PC repair costs.

The Best Things About An IPod Speaker

Isnt it a whole lot better if you listen to music that comes from a full rounded source? There are a lot of reasons why people listen to the music. One is in order to relieve tension because music as they say can heal your soul and probably for others, simply for fun. Whatever reason you may have, the bottom line is youd prefer to listen to high quality music and sounds.

This is where iPod made a killing, not only does it look good, it offers great quality music. There are so many iPod products already in the market that you can choose from; each of them offers an incomparable convenience. The products are made portable and handy so that you wont find it difficult to lug around wherever you may go.

You have the new iPod nano that keeps you grooving because of the thousands of songs that it can handle in such a small frame, and now here is another product that will elevate its performance, the iPod speaker.

Clearly speaking, the speaker is an equipment that helps neutralize the sound that is produced by your VCD, DVD and other equipments. However, there are various kinds of speakers that are presented in the market. Some are credible and quality tested but others are not. For the iPod, there are numerous high quality speakers available.

To thoroughly describe the feature, the sound that comes out from iPod speakers are guaranteed to be clear, crisp and bright, as if you are listening to an actual band. Another good thing about this is because it has the capacity to handle loud volumes. There is no need for you to worry about the sound breaking if ever you prefer to maximize its volume, because the sound will not distort at all.

The iPod speaker creates a quality sound because this type of equipment is made with an upgraded technology that results to a good bass frequency without the use of the subwoofer.

Another new feature with some iPod speakers is the use and availability of a remote control. Prior to this, you had to stand up and move towards your speaker just to fix the volume. Certain digital music has different qualities that can be conducive to different levels of volume. But now, all you need is to relax, point the clicker to your iPod speaker and get the right mix of volume and sound. Another important feature is the auto shutdown. It is a big energy saver for your batteries.

Some iPod speakers are being offered in several shapes and sizes, and like the iPod, some of them are diminutive but they pack a wallop in performance. You can place it anywhere in your house where you can best listen to. Aside from being an energy conserver, the iPod speaker is also a space-saver.

Aside from the homes, an iPod can be integrated with an iPod speaker for outdoor use. This is great for picnics, a day in the beach and for outdoor adventures. Share your favorite tunes with all your friends and family with the help of the iPod speaker.

There are so many more features that the iPod speaker can give you. You can look for more groundbreaking music technology to make the iPod more convenient. The latest innovations are always towards the customers expediency and satisfaction.